22 Unique Ideas For Your Opinion Essay On Video Games

An opinion essay is one of the popular types of writings. It is a formal piece where the author’s opinion on the given topic is stated. The opinion or viewpoint should be clearly stated and should be reasonably backed up with appropriate examples and reasons.

The typical structure or formats is as follows:


Here the topic is stated. In a brief manner the topic is explained for further understanding.

Main body

This consists of various paragraphs. Each paragraph should state a separate viewpoint and each if it should be supported with valid reasons and explanations.


This is the last section of the writing. Here all the earlier opinions are stated again in a more official way. The points are summarized in a distinct and brief manner.

Some important suggestions to be kept in while writing an opinion essay are:

You should decide before hand where there you agree or disagree the subject of the topic.

You should make a list of all the viewpoints and valid reasons supporting it.

All the sentences should be in a sequence, logically following the other.

Linking words should be used to join paragraphs

One popular topic for such kind of writings is video games. Various different opinions can be formed on this particular topic.

Some popular and unique video game topics can include titles like:

  • Are video games healthy?
  • Do video games benefit more than harm?
  • Are video games a new experience nowadays?
  • Video gaming is a therapy?
  • Do video games reduce stress?
  • Are video games vital for every child?
  • Does playing video games improve a child’s memory?
  • Do video games have a good impact on children?
  • Are video games a positive agent of change?
  • Do video games help society?
  • Should parents restrict children from video games?
  • Should violence be included in video games?
  • Are violent video games affecting young minds?
  • Are violent video games inculcating aggressive behaviour patterns?
  • Should video games be gender bias?
  • Video games are good or bad?
  • Do video games help in education?
  • Should video games include ethical teaching?
  • Is video game addictive?
  • Are we changing because of video games?
  • Are video games causing wrongful behaviour?
  • Do video games promote the supernatural world?

The above list can sure help you to choose a title for your opinion writings. You may alternatively come up with a title on the subject by yourself.

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