7 Creative Essay Suggestions For Writing On Communication Skills

Communication skills are a vital part of today's workforce. In addition to being able to write the basic business letter, modern workers also need to be able to send text messages, chat in a video conference, call clients and submit business proposals. Due to this strong focus on communication skills, many colleges and high schools require students to write essays on this subject. Initially, students should check the writing prompt to see if specific topic ideas were included. If the teacher did not provide the student with set topics, they can use one of the seven on the following list to get started on their essay.

  1. The History of Communication
  2. From the ancient running paths and messengers of Peru to the smartphone, communication has changed rapidly over the millenia. What have been the driving forces of communication changes? How has this changed the culture of each society?

  3. How to Communicate
  4. For this basic essay topic, students should write a guide for modern workers about the best ways to use communication and technology in the workforce.

  5. Relationship Building
  6. Communication is one of the main keys to having a strong relationship. How can couples communicate well with each other? How can these skills be learned? What scientific studies back up the students research?

  7. Body Language
  8. A significant portion of human communication occurs non-verbally. Body language is a key way for people to tell if someone else is telling the truth and to read their emotions accurately. What are some of the different aspects of body language in communication?

  9. Technology Versus Body Language
  10. With phones, e-mail and texting, individuals are no longer able to read the body language of the person that they are speaking to. How has this changed relationships and communication styles?

  11. Childhood Development
  12. Children who are abandoned or ignored by their parents often develop severe mental and emotional problems later in life. What scientific or psychological studies have been done on childhood development and communication? How does the lack of interest or abandonment by a parent impede a child's ability to learn to speak or write?

  13. The Technological Aspects of Communication
  14. Pick a specific piece of technology that is used to communicate like smartphones, computers, carrier pigeons or letters. Discuss the history of this technology and the ways that it is used to communicate. If the student needs additional topics on the subject, they can also write about the impact of a specific technology on modern life and how it impacts the economy.

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