20 Different Compare And Contrast Essay Topics That Can Get You Inspired

There are several topics you may choose for your compare and contrast essay but only a few of them will inspire you enough to create a high-quality content. Below, we list some inspiring headings for this kind or article.


  1. Smartphones vs Old mobile phones. Can you imagine your life without your Smartphone?
  2. PCs & Macs. What are the pros and cons of both type of computers.
  3. Android and iOS. Which operative system do you prefer the most?
  4. DVD vs Blue-Ray films. We have used DVD format for many years but there are some new options now. What are the advantages of using Blue-Ray?
  5. PS4 and Xbox1. Which video-console do you prefer and why?

Eating habits and fast food

  1. Burger King or McDonalds? Everyone has a favourite fast food restaurant for some reasons. Which one do you prefer?
  2. Chinese or Japanese food? Have you ever tried out Asian food? What are the benefits of this cuisine?
  3. Eating at home vs eating out. We live in a rush nowadays. Eating at home is not possible for many people, what are their options?
  4. Having +5 meals a day or just 3 meals? Having a fixed number of meals has direct effects on our health. Which is the better option for you?
  5. Current eating habits vs eating habits in the past. Some decades ago, people didn't have the same eating habits. Do we eat healthier now?

Trips, free time & leisure

  1. Travelling by car or travelling by plane? Advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Booking a hotel in some months advance or booking 2 weeks before the trip? Booking in advance may save you a lot of trouble and money.
  3. What do you prefer: beach or mountain?
  4. Going to the cinema & going to the bowling. What to do when you are bored?
  5. Travelling alone in contrast to travelling in a group. Have you ever tried going on a trip alone?

Others – Miscellaneous

  1. Coca-Cola vs Pepsi. They are very alike and really different at the same time.
  2. Going to college and going to the university. Analyse the pros and cons of both options.
  3. Commuting and working online nowadays. Study the current tendencies in online working.
  4. Buying a car vs travelling in public transport.
  5. Studying at home & studying at a library: pros and cons

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