Funny Persuasive Essay Topics: The 20 Most Interesting Ideas

Writing a persuasive essay is challenging enough, but imagine having to write a funny one. Some students prefer to accept the challenge of incorporating humor into their writing assignment, simply because they want to enjoy the process of writing. If you are given the opportunity to write an essay and you can include humor, here are several interesting ideas that you can try:

  1. Colleges should offer free coffee for their students.
  2. Schools should teach students how to work with people they do not like.
  3. No one should ever wear skinny jeans.
  4. There is nothing wrong with using your smartphone instead of interacting with people.
  5. Wearing mismatched socks is better than wearing matching socks.
  6. Why _________ is the worst song in the world.
  7. Why we should all appreciate email spam.
  8. What makes a tattoo a bad tattoo.
  9. Why every teenager needs his or her own credit card.
  10. Why Google is the only teacher that students need.
  11. . Why everyone needs to learn how to tell a joke.
  12. How do you determine whether you should Tweet or not?
  13. What is your least favorite word? Explain your answer.
  14. What is the best piece of advice you have received from older relatives?
  15. Make a prediction about something that will happen in the next 20 years and explain your choice.
  16. How did you get caught?
  17. What current fashion trend will we mock in 10 years? Explain.
  18. Why I will never eat (fill in something you will never eat).
  19. Why I actually enjoy (fill in something that most people do not expect).
  20. Why I think mosquitos exist.

When you create your funny topic, it is best to choose a topic that does not insult anyone. There are plenty of funny topics listed online, but many of them insult men and women or other subgroups of people. While some of these topics might be funny to talk about with your friends, they are generally not appropriate for school assignments, because they are insulting. Late night talk shows can be good sources for funny topics; but, it is important to consider whether the topic would be offensive to your readers, even if the only reader is your instructor. It is better to choose a topic that does not make fun of people; instead, you can make fun of food, technology, athletics, or other non-human things.

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