10 Essay Topic Ideas On Why Life Today Is Better

With all the modern conveniences in the world, is our society better in modern times than it was in the past? This particular subject has been up for debate a lot lately. If you checking social media, you will see the subject is always trending. Here are 10 great ideas on the subject.

10 Essay Ideas on Why Life Today is Better

  1. The effects and changes of technology, and why we are able to do so much with our electronic devices in the modern world. Mentions the cellphone, tablets, laptops, car devices, hoe kitchen devices and such.
  2. Saving lives-what has the modern world done to eliminate some diseases and enhance our lives, what diseases and medical concerns no longer exist that did exist in the past, people are living longer with a better quality of life.
  3. Educations-how students in high school are now learning what we used to learn in college and how this has increased our intellect s a society
  4. Smaller world-we have a smaller world today in that we can travel further and faster, we can keep in touch on the internet, and we can use a cell phone almost anywhere.
  5. Jobs and opportunities-there are many jobs and opportunities that simply did note exist in the past, these could be discussed and explored. The training for select jobs is also available for more people.
  6. Helping hands-we can now reach out and help other communities and nations who need us through various modes, whereas in the past we might not even know help was needed
  7. Storms and warnings-explore the weather side of our modern world, we now know when a hurricane or blizzard is approaching and we can plan for it accordingly in our modern world because of all the climate and meteorology tools and advancements
  8. Opportunities-our world now has options for people who can’t afford insurance, go to college, or buy a house. We have offerings in order to help our fellow mankind. Our government is more inclined and more able to help a person who doesn’t have so much.
  9. Preventive measures-we now know better how certain things work and can use preventive measures to prevent people from harm. An example of this might be to not build in a flood zone or to simply wear sunscreen when outside of the home.
  10. A person-pick a person of today who has proved we are better off than we were in the past.

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