List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics For 7th Graders

Tackling one of your first persuasive essays in 7th grade can be exciting and scary at the same time. Once you have learned the format of a persuasive essay it isn’t hard to write at all; choosing the perfect topic might be a little trickier. If you want to get some fresh ideas for topics, you’ve come to the right place.

Topic Ideas

  1. Students should be allowed to have cell phones and other electronic devices in class.
  2. Textbooks and other learning materials for school courses should be free.
  3. Students should receive cash rewards for achieving good grades.
  4. Teenagers should not be allowed to purchase aggressive video games.
  5. Class should begin with a few minutes of prayer or silent meditation.
  6. Should the U.S. government impose a tax on fatty and sugary junk foods?
  7. Schools should not allow uncensored songs at dances.
  8. The laws on owning pit bull dogs should be changed and updated.
  9. Should there be an environmental tax for people who play loud music?
  10. Should parents be required to take a parenting course and graduate with a parenting license before having children?
  11. Should the laws for protecting endangered species be stricter?
  12. Is it a good idea for public schools to teach world religions?
  13. Should there be a system of testing every 10 years for teachers in order to renew their teaching credentials?
  14. Should all teens under the age of 17 have a curfew of 9:00 PM?
  15. Should there be jobs specifically for 14 year olds?
  16. Should alcohol manufacturers be allowed to advertise their products on television?
  17. Should college be free as well as mandatory?
  18. Do you think minors committing serious crimes should be charged as adults?
  19. Should it be mandatory for teachers to wear uniforms?
  20. Should there be high taxes on fast food?

Students should choose a topic they are interested in yet with not too much controversy. Highly publicized topics may be difficult to filter through because there’s so much information available. In order to make the topic unique you can put a little different spin on it, or make it location specific. A good persuasive essay will present a solid stand for one side of the argument, while also presenting what the other side is, so readers can see the two opposing sides.

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