Al-Qaeda is a terrorist group whose activities have been ongoing in different parts of the world with many adverse affects for nations especially those that have suffered the attacks of terrorism from this group. The group was started by the leader Osama bin Laden. The aim was bringing together the Arabs and majorly the Muslims into believing in the same ideologies. The start of the terrorist group was aimed at the prevention of invasion by the Soviet Union. The ideology of overthrowing nations and leadership that is considered heretic is one that is significant and frequent in the group of terrorism. The group believes that the US is one of the supporters of such governments and systems in the west. Al-Qaeda is known to have experienced personnel, and the team is very well equipped with necessary weapons. Recent studies and investigations indicate that the group is now turning to and using both biological and chemical weapons to launch and conduct their attacks. The smart tactics and improved technological advancements for these groups of terrorists have helped them plan and succeed in several attacks carried out in many different states and nations. The several attacks have left The USA to intervene in many occurrences.

Aims of Al-Qaeda Terrorist Group

The objective of the Al Qaeda was mainly to establish their ideologies and bringing the Muslims together. These efforts were intended to stopping or causing the collapse of governments or systems they believed to be heretic. The group of terrorists has the belief that the US is one of the biggest and major supporters of these governments and systems. The financing of the group was majorly from the group leader Bin Laden. The financing also came from other Muslims, who are sympathizers of the group. The other aim of the group was to recruit more people into the group in efforts to spread the ideology they believed in. They needed more followers. Most of the attacks they made were to provoke the US to retaliate so that they could strain their resources in war. They also wanted the US to attack nations so that they could attack the US and kill more people with more force and magnitude. The group hopes to see the US collapse and their ideologies spread out to all nations in the world.

Effects of Al-Qaeda Attacks

Deaths of several people have occurred. More people have also been recruited and trained in the group to strengthen it. The US has also been spending a lot on attacks and its security.

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