Native Americans

Native Americans have a unique culture of their own that dates back thousands of years, possibly before Christopher Columbus discovered America. It is believed Native American’s lived in what is now known as the United States before it was discovered. They were known as hikers as they commonly traveled by foot. They came from different areas of the world including Europe by special land bridge which is now known as Alaska. Over 10 million Native Americans lived during this time and they had diverse groups of people and cultures they continue to practice today.

Few say Native Americans are not the same since there are different tribes and groups that include over a dozen types. The Native Americans have different tribes or groups of people that make up their existence. They include different types of Indian tribes and people. This has contributed to their way of living and cultural development. A number of Native Americans have unique way of living that contributes to spiritual beliefs. They are known for making a number of items and products used by their people as well as available for sale such as weapons, clothing, food, etc.

The Native American lifestyle has faced some scrutiny due to misunderstanding of other cultures. For instance, certain types of Native American headdress and related traditional styles have sacred meaning. When people of other nationality or race try to wear such content, even for fun or for fashion, it becomes offensive. In many cases people need to be sensitive when considering Native American items and how they use them. For the most part, a number of people from different cultural backgrounds admire and respect Native Americans as they have a unique history many fail to understand.

There are a few million Native Americans that live in North America including Canada and the United States. People are encouraged to learn more about them to understand how they live. Their population has decreased but many still have similar hopes and dreams just like others living in modern society. Even though Native Americans have their own traditions and beliefs, many incorporate modern elements into their lifestyles. For instance, some may not live in a teepee or log cabin, but they may live on a reservation. Native American children may use computers to learn about different things, but some may not have newer computers to use like other children their age not Native American.

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