Walking Dead

Zombie shows, zombie movies, and zombie games have grown in popularity in the past five years. The Walking Dead is probably the most popular result of this trend and the series has now reached its fifth season. There are some interesting aspects to the series that have made it what it is today, not the least of which is thrilling action, intricate relationships, and interesting characters. Here are three aspects of the show that make it so good.

Capturing the viewer’s imagination

An appealing factor to The Walking Dead is the concept of an empty world. Zombies have taken over almost every inch of the earth and there are very few regular humans left. Viewers are able to delve into a world where the world is a dangerous playground—but a playground nonetheless. The survival aspect of the show is another appeal. These survivors must build shelters and form protective barriers to protect themselves from the onslaught of zombies that surround them.

Rick Grimes

The main character in The Walking Dead is Rick Grimes, a man who has woken up to this zombie nightmare after being in a coma for some time. He soon becomes the leader of the survivors as he tends to be a resourceful guy. Before his coma, Rick Grimes was a county sheriff, so he is familiar with weapons, defences, and giving orders. Grimes is quick on his feet when it comes to strategizing and is often more engaged in managing his crew of survivors, than he is protecting them from external danger. Part of that crew is of course his wife and child, the two people he prioritizes above everyone else.

A show based on fear

As the show’s synopsis suggests, fear is often more dangerous than the subject that is feared. This show portrays this truth as a dominant theme. The survival crew are more plagued by each other than they are by the zombies in the show. In fact, it seems the zombies are featured for the action, while the infighting is there to create the intrigue. This makes the viewer wonder whether the title refers to the zombies, or the survivors.

Since the show’s conception is has been wildly popular. Its popularity continues today as it has reached its fifth season. New characters are continually being added and the plot seems to get more and more involved. The writers of the show have not run out of material yet, and it seems they never will.

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