The Legalization Of Medical Marijuana

There is a large debate happening across the United States as to whether medical marijuana should be legalized. Many people who suffer from cancer know that medical marijuana has been scientifically proven to help reduce cancer growth and to help stave off the worst of the symptoms. But the current war on drugs in America is preventing people from opening up to marijuana in spite of its natural occurrence around the world. Some people have religious reasons for not wanting to legalize medical marijuana and others simply feel that it will worsen the amount of addicts--not thoroughly comprehending what marijuana does.

There is a complete lack of drug information available to many. Some public schools include a drug course as part of their health classes but overall there is still a big need to better educate the public. Without proper education on marijuana and how it is vastly different from other drugs and in fact beneficial there will remain the constant ignorant crowd who argue that they do not want more addicts or drug dealing happening near them. Their fear is based on an inaccurate understanding of the drug itself and an inaccurate understanding of how it is beneficial for those who need it the most.

Those who are supportive of medical marijuana cover a span of people. There are some who do not agree with it but know that the right thing to do as a citizen is to respect the rights of everyone. These people see that medical marijuana would not cause harm to its individuals and therefore are sympathetic. Then there are whose supporters who believe it should be legalized for scientific reasons and they see the benefit it would bring. Of course there are those who advocate for the legalization of marijuana across the board who would also want to legalize its public use entirely.

As of right now it is legal in some states and not others. But because it has not been federally supported it has caused many issues. Banks are unwilling to take the money earned legitimately by businesses selling medical marijuana to those with a prescription. This means the money is not ensured by the FDIC. There are many criminals who are aware that the payments can only be in cash and as a result they wait for those people who must take the large cash amounts and deposit them into a bank. They have caused serious injury and death by robbing these individuals. Without a quick decision by the federal government things of this nature will continue to happen to good people.

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