Euthanasia Should Be Allowed In The United States

Keeping someone in a state of limbo-like pain and suffering is as cruel as allowing someone to be tortured. Euthanasia laws provide a way out of this suffering state and give people the right to end their lives—or the lives of loved ones—if circumstances call for it. There are also financial problems that arise from euthanasia prohibitions and many states in the USA are calling for this law to be lifted. Should this be done, there are certain measures that must be taken to ensure fair and legal initiation of individual euthanasia cases.

Pain and suffering is more cruel than death

One of the main reasons euthanasia should be legalized in the US is because we consider ourselves a humane society. It goes against reason to allow someone to suffer through immense pain that cannot be reversed or alleviated. Death is a welcome escape to someone who is going through such pain and denying them that escape is a fate worse than the death that person wants.

Unnecessary medical expenses

So many people sit with unnecessary medical bills because their state refuses to allow euthanasia for their loved one. Keeping a person alive via machines and medication is a huge cost and this can often carry on for years—even decades. These bills are unnecessary and it is the rightful belief of many that the government who denies the request for euthanasia should pay for these bills instead of the families concerned.

Ways to determine legal euthanasia

Because not all euthanasia cases are legitimate, it is wisest to appoint a panel of experts (both legal and medical) who can determine which cases are valid and which are not. Cases could be brought to this panel the same way cases are brought to a court. Experts can quickly determine the outcome by hearing all sides and evaluating all the facts related to each respective case. This is a better alternative than simply banning the idea of euthanasia altogether.

As humane individuals, it is our duty to take this task seriously and help those who cannot help themselves. Human life is given to people to make their own decisions with. If a person is in pain, and that person wants to die, it is our responsibility to fight for their right to do so.

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