Sexual Harassment

Until the 1970s, sexual harassment was not treated as discrimination and especially in the workplace. This was because the cases were isolated and some went unreported. After the seventh of the Civil Rights Act, sexual harassment became an offense. It was defined as the creation of a hostile working environment for sexual favor requests, unwelcome sexual advances and other physical and verbal conducts. It is also a form of sexual harassment to drop a person’s application based on their sex or to ask for sexual favors so as to offer an employment opportunity. Again, sexual harassment does not have to be physical. When you make demeaning comments about a person’s sex, in general, it is termed as sexual harassment. However, the law has left some room for occasional light teasing that allows workers to interact freely and create a productive working environment. Harassment may be from a co-worker, a supervisor, the employer, a client or even the employee.

Impact of Sexual Harassment

The impact of harassment will depend on the receiving individual. In most cases the reported instances of sexual harassment are only annoying. However, in some instances if they are not addressed they may lead to stress. This leads to a reduction in productivity of the receiving person. In other cases, the recipient may reiterate by either isolation from others or bullying. It is important to address a sexual harassment case before they reach to such levels. This could lead to mechanical breakdown that may adversely affect workmanship of individuals. Others may just quit work. This is especially if the sexual advances are from the employer or supervisors that are valuable to the firm. Naturally, women are mostly on the receiving head of sexual harassment. This could lead to depriving the women chance to take part in the economic advancement. The country loses a lot of money that is wasted on educating girls and shaping them through their career.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

The best way to prevent and control sexual harassment in the workplace is through educational programs. These programs that help both sexes to work and live together should be introduced in schools and colleges. Many working institutions have taken on bonding sessions and retreats so as to create a healthy and positive workforce. Such programs will help in reducing sexual harassment in the workplace. It is also important to have strict actions taken on people found to be sexually harassing others. This is both in the working institution and in the federal laws.

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