Achivements Of Italy Renaissance

The Italian Renaissance has brought many achievements for mankind, the most important one is cultural. The literature flourished, beginning with Petrarch and Boccaccio, whose works have influence until in the contemporary time. For the Italian language it was very important, because Italian was not a literary language.

It has brought a revolution in philosophy and science. Humanism became the philosophical stance, emphasizing the human being, introducing rationalism and empiricism. The first Renaissance humanist was Petrarch.

For the humanist, the language must be the art of persuasion; and grammar, rhetoric, poetry, moral, philosophy and history were the subjects of study. It was the revival of good letters.

Humanism has the man in the centre of Universe, becoming inimical to the dominant religion and faith thinking.

Philosophy, literature and art flourished in the Renaissance. Philosophy became less rigourous in that period.

Leonardo da Vinci, the father of modern science, performed many experiments, giving a new way to scientific knowledge. It was a revolution in the scientific field, including medical studies. Leonardo da Vinci studied the laws of nature and science. He was a scientist, painter, musician, polimath, sculptor and inventor. The Last Supper and Mona Lisa are the most known masterpieces. Leonardo da Vinci can be considered the archetypal Renaissance man. This genius linked art and science. His explanations and observations were recorded in over 10,000 pages. Da Vinci’s works are technological, revolutionary, impressive and innovative, so he is the forerunner of modern science, observing continuously the world around him. He described and depicted a phenomenon in extreme detail. He studied deeply anatomy with scientific method and formal training. He is considered different from Galileo and Newton. He was also an engineer, the first flying machine was invented by him. He invented musical instruments, hydraulic pumps, steam cannon and other important artifacts.

The Italian Renaissance performed progress in European medical knowledge. Physicians such as Ambroise Paré, Andreas Vesalius and William Harvey contributed to medicine and research.

Archicture and music developed at the very utmost. The Renaissance style was revolutionary, reflecting clarity, eliminating darkness and faith of the medieval period. The musical activity was innovative, emphasizing secular sources. New techniques developed quickly.

So the Renaissance was a re-birth, producing an immense cultural change in Europe and opening the door to the modern age. Free thinking was the most important movement in Europe during the Renaissance and its influence lasts until today.

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