Critical Thinking Scenario

Consider the following scenario: You are given three hundred thousand dollars and told that all of it will be taken from you in 12 hours unless you can spend it by then. You have a relative with a recently discovered medical condition that will incur ridiculously high expenses, you have always wanted to travel the world and there is a business opportunity that would cost you almost exactly three hundred dollars to invest in. What should you do?

Considering the relative

This avenue seems most altruistic but it would be important to learn a bit more. Have these expenses already started to come in or are they still carded for an unknown date in the future? This case hints at the latter which means that as much as you may be willing to help your ill relative, this may not be the most beneficial choice. The other details seem to hint that you should go in another direction.

Traveling the world

It might be possible for you to spend the money on luxurious vacations the world over but this would not profit you much in the long run. You might even find yourself returning from your extended holiday to meet a career in shambles, a relative near death and the judgment of other family members who consider your decision to be selfish. This is something that might be useful in moderation but not as the complete use of the money.

The business opportunity

This could be either the best or the worst use of the money depending on what your thorough research uncovers. If the parties involved are all reputable with a proven history of success, you could stand to double your money within a few years. If you are being targeted by white collar criminals who have heard about your good fortune you may end up losing everything or even being plunged into debt.

A solution

It might be most beneficial to all parties involved if you were to invest the money if not in the stated business then in some other income generating asset. This might be a franchise or an income property. You should make the cost of this venture as high as possible and spend the rest of the money on airline tickets. This way as profits are generated you will be in a more financially stable position to assist your relative from as his or her treatments become necessary.

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