Essay Writing Help: 7 Tips That Will Save Your Grade

Do you want to improve writing? Are you tired of getting low grades in your writings? Has it become impossible for you to compose a perfect paper? Do you want to be recognized as a best creative writer? If the answer to all these questions were yes, then you would have to work on your writing style and would have to follow some easy tips.

You should know the basic or general rules of writing. Once you get familiar with the standard writing pattern of an essay, then it would become very convenient for you to compose it. It would do the formula work for you, which means that you have learned a formula, by putting different values you will get the desired results.

This kind of writing has two steps.

  • The formula key
  • The content

The formula key includes the standard format of writing while the other steps deal with your creativity. It is affiliated with the topic. All you have to do is follow the standard essay-writing pattern that includes

  • An introduction
  • A thesis statement
  • A body with 5 paragraphs
  • Conclusion

Put all your searched data into the formula key, design or the typical format. This is the easiest way of getting an approach on writing your paper. Keep on studying and researching to get more knowledge about the tips and dos and don’ts. Following are seven helpful tips to help you with improving your writing and grades.

  • Identify a well-written assignment
  • You should have an eye of identifying the well-written essays from poor-written ones. You should develop an understanding of judging a piece of writing from a writer’s point of view. If you will study poor quality writings, you will surely write poor quality writings.

  • Rewrite the sample essays
  • Easy tip of writing is to recompose already written samples. Sample essays are easily available in composition books.

  • Start with easy topics
  • Start with easy topics and move to the complicated topics after getting hold in producing your own essay.

  • Plan for an hour
  • Set a goal of completing your task in an hour

  • Keep on adding interesting and surprising facts to hold the reader’s attention
  • Adding quotations will do a lot in this regard

  • One line thesis statement
  • Thesis statement should be written at the end of introduction

  • Presentation
  • Work on your presentation to improve your grades

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