25 Good Argumentative Essay Topics For High School Students

Argumentative essay writing in high school provides good research and writing exercise. Many issues high school students can write about include subject matters that affect them daily. This means you can find something of interest to discuss that has an element of debate. You are able to be creative with your topic selection, but also provide insight that is important to your topic. The following information offers tips on how to select a topic and sample ideas to encourage your own.

Why It Is Important to Choose a Good Argument Topic and Samples to Get Started

An argumentative paper will detail two sides of an argument. You main idea or thesis statement is the claim or argument your paper will defend. You need a topic you know well but should know supporting evidence that will make your essay stand out. A good topic will make it easier for you to write your paper. You can learn more details about each side of your argument when you have a strong interest. High school students can choose essay topics related to situations they know well. The following 25 argument essay ideas can help students creative their own topic:

  1. Lock down drills in school should be practiced
  2. An argument essay can explore reasons students should wear uniforms.
  3. Community service should be required by students.
  4. Sex education should be required.
  5. After school jobs should be mandatory.
  6. Lunch break should be taken outside of school.
  7. Cellphones should be banned on school grounds.
  8. Students should not consume junk food.
  9. Social media contacts should not include teachers.
  10. Teen parents should take parenting courses.
  11. Prayer should be allowed in school.
  12. An argument essay may argue why state testing should be banned.
  13. Textbooks should be replaced with iPads.
  14. Schools should sponsor prom.
  15. Students able to work should be able to vote.
  16. iPhones are better than Androids.
  17. Participating in sports should be mandatory.
  18. The drinking age should be changed to 18.
  19. The driving age should be higher.
  20. History is a boring subject.
  21. An argument essay may argue why the death penalty is pointless.
  22. Video games are getting too violent.
  23. Students should take a course on effects of bullying.
  24. Sports should allow use of performance enhancing drugs.
  25. Music sharing online should be limited.

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