List Of Intriguing Essay Topics About The Taj Mahal

Curving majestically against the clear background of the sky, the Taj Mahal imposes a striking presence in the small city of Agra in Northern India. With its sleek, engraved marble walls, its lush gardens, its innovative construction, and its captivating history, this building provides a wealth of essay writing material.

Seven Topic Ideas

  • Why Shah Jahan Built the Taj Mahal
  • It is believed that the emperor, Shah Jahan had the building made after the death of one of his beloved wives, Mumtaz Mahal. Their relationship offers many interesting details to describe in writing.

  • How the Taj Mahal was Constructed
  • According to historical records, over 1,000 elephants were used to transport heavy materials in the making of the majestic structure. This is just one of the many surprising facts related to the subject.

  • A Comparison in Design
  • With Arabic passages swirling down the marble archways, intricate tiling, and mirror imaging assembly, the design of the building is unique. If you are interested in architecture, you could write an essay comparing the Taj Mahal’s design to other structures in India or elsewhere.

  • The Future of the Structure
  • Environmentalists predict a dark future for the building due emissions, groundwater levels, and acid rain. An argumentative piece could be written for or against the possible future closure of the structure.

  • The Curious Lives of Agra’s Residents
  • The existence of the regal building and constant presence of tourists significantly affects the lives of the Indians residing in Agra. A comparative piece could be written about the livelihood of Indians living in Agra contrasted with those residing elsewhere.

  • Myths Surrounding the Mysterious Structure
  • It was rumored that Emperor Shah Jahan intended to construct a near replica of the original building, but in black marble. However, the dream never came to pass. The Taj Mahal’s mysterious nature invites much conjecture such as this. Separating the myths from the realities could be an enlightening task for any writer.

  • How India Values its Famous Wonder
  • During uprisings with other countries, scaffolding was built around the tomb to mask its identity, protecting it from foreign bombers. This is only one example of how India values this precious asset. Much could be written about the building’s effect on India’s economy.

Twisting history clouded with legend, design novelties, and economic issues make the Taj Mahal a colorful subject matter for an essay composition, whatever the angle you take to your writing.

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