The Legend Of Batman

This is a comic series printed in 1980. John Byrne made the first draft of the comic. He later on edited the copy and submitted it to Jim Aparo who linked all the drafts of the exciting comic. The whole edition was taken by Lein Wein, who synchronized the entire draft and presented it for writing. This shows that the entire series is through dedication from different people. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez drew the cover pictures and others throughout the series. The plot of the comic is to tell the characters and the origins of the characters. As a marketing strategy, each copy was accompanied by an audio cassette that contained the main clues of the comic. The whole series was later reprinted in small formats that made them very attractive.


The whole series is organized into three issues. The first issue stars by the Batman finding some remains of his father’s costumes. After some investigations, he finds out that the costume was missing from the Batcave where his father always kept it. He also finds a threatening note where his father always kept costume. The note read in parts, “This is only the beginning, Batman, before am done, I will destroy you.” Batman then falls into deep thinking about the last moments with his father, Doctor Wayne. He recalled when he last wore his costume on a function when he was later kidnapped by thugs. He recalls his stay with his guardian. Bruce a son to his guardian takes on detective as a course so as to avenge against those killed the doctor.

Second and Third Series

In the second series, Batman is following a lead on some criminals who destroyed his father’s robe. He is attacked while meeting an informer at the bar. He beats the informant almost to death until Young Bruce called Robin arrives. Robin is worried and tries to understand the cause of Batman’s anger. These two are close friends. Robin recalls when his parents were killed by a mob that was on a mission to extort money a local circus owner. They messed with the ropes which latter caused Robin’s parent’s death. This series reminds the two of their friends and the bitter memories each of them went through. They have some common traits. In the third series, Batman goes out in search of the crime group behind their troubles. He ransacks the whole town but with no avail. He later goes to Commissioner Gordon for any clues.

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