Berlin Wall Fall

The great Berlin wall has a great history falling back to 1961. It took the Communist countries decades to bring it down. The wall was build of barbed wire and concrete between West and East Berlin. The wall was constructed by the communist leadership of East Germany. The coming into force of the new East German travel law marked the end of Berlin wall. The demolishing of Berlin wall rooted from several demonstrations to end the communist system and a request to the Soviet Union to reform the communist countries rather than entirely taking over.

Although the communist countries had tried several times to end the communist dictatorship but failed, they eventually succeeded in 1989.The wall was built for two main purposes; to protect the entry of westerners from entering East Germany and to avoid mass defection from the east to the west. The fall of the Berlin wall was after one of the leaders of German democratic republic announced that citizens could cross to either side of Germany as they pleased without any restrictions.

Overview of Berlin wall fall

Following the events of World War II, the fate of German territories was determined in two peace conferences. The territory was to be subdivided according to the winners and losers in the war. After the split, the eastern part went to the Soviet Union whereas the western part went to the United States of America. Though Berlin City was some miles away from the border, it was also split between the Soviet Union and the United States. The construction of the wall was triggered by a confrontation between an American official and an East German border guard along the border.

After the subdivision of Berlin City, the Soviet Union government was not at peace seeing some capitalist in the communist country. In an attempt to force the capitalist out of the city, the Soviet Union government deliberately starved the capitalist citizens in the east side of the city. But at some point, most people from the East began escaping to the west side of the city as refugees.

The events after Berlin wall fall

The night after it was made official that people could freely cross on either side of the city, people immediately began crossing to either side of the city. Some engaged in the destruction of the wall whereas others were preoccupied with street parties to rejoice to the fall of the wall. Later in 1990, the reunification of the west and East Berlin was made official.

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