Free Tips For Writing A Solid Argumentative Essay On Abortion

A strong argumentative essay should convince the reader to see the issue from your point of view, agree with the arguments provided, and adopt your values. If your paper is to highlight the problem of abortion, be sure to thoroughly investigate the topic and gather enough evidence to support your opinion. The following tips will help you look at the issue from different aspects, choose the direction, and successfully accomplish the task.

Planning stage.

  • Collect the facts to support your position.
  • If you are pro-life, seek all the relevant information about medical complications and health risks that women encounter after pregnancy terminations, psychological health problems that frequently occur afterwards, possibilities of adopting unwanted children by the people who cannot conceive, etc.

    If you are pro-choice, look for evidence that modern abortion techniques are safe to one’s health, or inform of cases where a pregnancy termination can be justified (a fetus has profound genetic abnormalities, pregnancy occurred after rape or incest, etc.)

  • Share your values.
  • If you are pro-life, explain why abortion is equivalent to murder, how it is treated in different religions, and why you agree with such thoughts.

    If you are pro-choice, prove why a child shouldn’t be born unwanted, explain why and how an unintended pregnancy deteriorates a woman’s life, and prove why abortion is not the same as killing somebody.

  • Find out the hot buttons of the problem.
  • The fact that fetuses feel pain during the abortion procedure may be successfully used to support your pro-life position and appeal to the reader’s emotions.

    On the other side, a detailed picture of suffering and destitution of some unwanted children may support the opposite view.

Writing stage.

  • Create the introduction.
  • Introduce the topic and state your position. In the first sentences, use engaging and catching information to grab the reader’s attention. These may be some facts and statistics that are connected to the issue of abortion, or a real life story. Inform of at least three main points that will be used to support your point of view.

  • Write the body paragraphs.
  • Develop the strongest points to prove your position. Use active voice. The arguments should be logically represented. Keep concentrated and don’t get distracted from the main idea.

    Don’t be too emotional. Cite the sources.

  • Write the conclusion
  • .

    Restate your position and stress the importance of your arguments in the conclusion.

  • After completing your paper, ask yourself: Is it logical and convincing enough? Will the reader be convinced? Will he or she agree with your position?
  • If necessary, rewrite the weak areas and edit your essay.

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