10 Outstanding Free Tips for Writing an Original Essay 

Originality is one of the most precious characteristics of any academic paper. When the basic materials are available for research and very standard tasks are to be accomplished, you’ve got to provide a special flair to create something peculiar and novel. If you want to impress your professor, receive high grades, and practice your creative thinking; turn away from the beaten path and write an original essay. The following tips might come in handy:

  1. Select an unpopular topic.
  2. If you have a possibility to choose a topic on your own, decide on an idea that is obscure and not well known. Your teacher will certainly appreciate such a choice.

  3. Support an unpopular opinion.
  4. You may argue for an idea that is not accepted by the majority. Or, create your own theory. However, be sure to prepare enough evidence for support and take other opinions into account in your paper.

  5. Get additional information.
  6. To write an essay, a certain amount of materials should be read. They are usually listed by your teacher, and students can refer to them in their research. Look through works beyond the prescribed list and use this knowledge in your essay.

  7. Experiment with a structure.
  8. Make your essay structure different if you want to grasp the reader’s attention. Do not tamper with the traditional introduction and conclusion. Change the standard structure of the essay body and extraordinarily represent your evidence.

  9. Compare.
  10. If you are asked to write an essay on the basis of a specified work, you may exceed the bounds of your assignment and compare it to the similar works of different authors or from a different period.

  11. Add visual illustrations.
  12. You may add some tables, graphs, charts, or pictures to support your argument and make your essay more original. Don’t use visual images to distract the reader’s attention from the poor content.

  13. Don’t be too simplistic.
  14. If your essay is written in more advanced words and with more complex syntactic structures, you will only benefit.

  15. Make analogies.
  16. Sometimes, using an analogy is an effective and original way to explain your position.

  17. Share your opinion.
  18. Giving your personal opinion on the subject of research is a great opportunity to show your interest in the topic and be distinguished by your teacher.

  19. Create an original title.
  20. Be sure to come up with a catchy title for your essay. The original title will intrigue your reader and make him or her follow the story.

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