Using Good Argumentative Essay Examples To Write Your Own Paper

Sometimes the absolute best way to get inspiration for your writing is to read other people’s examples. This works for any sort of writing, including fiction and, of course, academic writing. However, there are ways in which using other essays to influence your own can be made more effective. For instance, with argumentative essays, there are a few ways that you can be actively making your work better even without writing anything down.

  • Check for samples and learn how they are used
  • Any good argumentative essay will use specific examples - whether from texts if it is an English or Drama piece or facts and figures if it is a scientific paper - in order to support and strengthen its points. As you are reading the samples, you have found, analyze how often they are used and to what effect they are used. You need to make sure that you use examples in your work, but make sure not to use too many or too few. Use the sample to dictate and influence how you employ this technique when writing your paper.

  • Ask ‘why’ all the way through
  • A good argumentative essay will back up every single point that it makes with explanation as well as examples. You need to be asking ‘why’ all the way through reading the sample and making sure they always answer the question. If the paper is making unfounded points without reasons, then it will become apparent to you as you read, ask ‘why’ and find no explanation. Once you have practice doing this with someone else’s work, you can then try it on your own. Every time you ask ‘why’ and you aren’t answering, you need to add in more explanation. This will only strengthen your argument and make your work even better.

  • Work out how the example is balanced
  • All good essays have an excellent balance of different techniques, and argumentative essays have a mix of statements, explanations, and examples (see above). In order to understand exactly how that mix should work, however, you need to refer to an excellent sample and then apply what you have observed and what you know to your work. By modeling the amount of explanation to the amount of the statement, for instance, on the model sample, your work will seem even better and flow extremely well. Using this sort of model is a great way to influence your work without plagiarizing anything.

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