Drinking Age

The issue of drinking age is a major concern in most countries. Drinking laws set the legal age for youths. It also gives restrictions to where alcoholic beverages can be bought and sold. These laws are put in place so as to control the effects that underage drinking may impact on a nation. It varies depending on countries and is mostly affected by the level of development. It has however been a thorn in the fresh and very few governments can claim to have dealt with the issue in a satisfactory manner. Laws on underage drinking have failed miserably in most countries. In other countries, it is s reason for the many evils that surround underage drinking. A lot and intensive research should be carried out so as to come with the best criteria for setting the right drinking age. Care should be taken to involve the right stakeholders in debates on legal drinking age. Countries should also make an effort of reviewing the effects that have been caused by past laws on legal drinking age.

Review of the Effects of the Legal Drinking Age

According to recent researches, alcohol consumption by teens below the legal drinking age has been on the increase. This means that there is a complete breakdown in the enforcement of the law. In the United States, there are more under age heavy drinkers than legal age heavy drinkers. These cases, however, go unreported because it is done behind the scenes. Underage drinkers get access to alcoholic drinks from other places other than the allowed outlets. Children that have drinking parents have easy access to alcohol. They will take it in hiding. It is, therefore, true that legal drinking age is having more harm than good in the society. It is said that the laws have reduced the number of deaths, but the truth is that many cases just go unreported.

What can be done?

In my opinion, responsible drinking should be taught in schools. Educational programs that teach and model teens to be responsible drinkers will save the day. Drinking should be allowed in colleges and universities in certain official school functions. The youths can then learn to drink in a sensible manner and exhibit good drinking behavior. The reason teens drink in an irresponsible manner is because they want a certain feeling. They take that drinking like a forbidden fruit and want to try it out. To others, it is a badge of rebellion and drinking is a symbol of adulthood. If it were allowed at times, they would maybe drink in a responsible manner even in their adulthood.

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