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Sometimes there is nothing better than viewing a sample essay to get you really inspired about writing your own great descriptive paper. But descriptive essays are some of the easier types of compositions to write. Really. For one thing, you probably will not waste so much time trying to decide on your topic. Do you know why? Because we all have our favorite memories and most of our memories cluster around objects or moments. Objects stick in our memory and just thinking of one jewelry box we owned as a child can bring back a host of memories.

Use Memory Trigger Objects to Understand the Process

How many ideas would you have just going through one of your old toy boxes. Or perhaps a box of the books you loved as a child. Think of all the memories an act like this would trigger and you can will understand where I’m going with this. A descriptive paper can be both about the object and the moment in time that looking at it triggers for you and all the emotions that accompany that memory.

Pepper the Essay with Lots of Descriptive Adjectives

Also, descriptive papers can be so much fun to write—because you really get to use great adjectives, which most students very much enjoy writing with. One of the greatest descriptive essays I ever wrote was about a type of art my mother taught me—just describing the artistic process alone was lengthy. She taught me an art called egg art – and the finished object is an egg with the center and yolk blown out of a tiny hole and a scene pasted inside – like a Christmas tree and presents that have silver bows that sparkle.

The memories looking at one of these eggs brings back to me are so deep and full of warmth and love that one egg can bring back dozens of memories of the blowing of the eggs and the painting of the eggs with red sparkling paint and glitters. We got the tiny figurines from Christmas cards that had tiny nativity scenes, or tiny trees and little cottages.

Such as essay could move from the description of the object to the descriptions of the memories they evoke.

Finding Samples—Google Your Way to Gold

I find the best samples of essays by searching for award winning descriptive student essays—get inspired by only the best.

Learn From Experts

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