A List Of Interesting Narrative Essay Topics For College

Narrative essay writing can be really tedious. It normally starts with the lack of inspiration that comes with the narrative part. You don't really want to tell your professor about that time that something fun or embarrassing happened to you. You aren't particularly keen on sharing your happiest or saddest moments either. So, what do you do? You can either make up a story, as simple and plain as that or you can, of course, just tell them about any run of the mill, easy, simple memory you have. It doesn’t even really have to be important. Just tell it well.

  1. A football game you watched last week
  2. Talk about what you saw, how you felt and what you gained from the experience. It can all be a big load of nothing, but a good narrator can make the dullest topic interesting.

  3. That time you were sitting on a tree and appreciated nature in all it’s beauty

    Professors love to think that you philosophize out of class. You and me both know you were actually snoozing there.

  4. Driving home for the first time during your holiday break
  5. It may seem unimportant, but your first college holiday break is a big thing and driving home for it is even bigger. The feelings, the rawness, everything just adds up to the perfect experience to tell about without charging too much.

  6. Your first concert, play, game
  7. The first time you went to one or the first time you have one. Tell them what you saw and felt at the beginning (nervous, psyched, etc.) and at the end what you were left wanting more of.

  8. Taking a walk in the park and reflecting on life
  9. Again, teachers really love this stuff.

  10. Finding your first favorite word
  11. Your first favorite word could have been pudding for all I care, but talk about how you used it and what it made you feel inside. (Bonus points for having a super nerdy favorite word.)

  12. Running into your teachers outside of an academic setting
  13. It’s happened to the best, and it’s happened to the worst of us. It gives you the creeps just to think about it, but hey, teachers are human too, and they don't solely exist on an academic plane. They're human too and have human needs. You can even change the point of view and tell it as the teacher running into their students. (Bonus points for extra embarrassing encounters.)

As soon as you think of something to write, the ideas start flowing. Remember it's not so much about the topic as about the execution.

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