Ethics And Euthanasia

There is a conflict in the minds of many people as to whether or not euthanasia is ethical. Perhaps more vivid is when an individual is faced with this decision when it comes to a family member. While euthanasia is widely condemned in many countries, there are some that allow it to be done under certain circumstances. Let’s look at why euthanasia is actually a perfectly ethical practice from the viewpoint of the family and the patient.

From the family’s perspective

Sometimes a family is faced with the decision to allow euthanasia on a family member who is in pain because of a terminal illness. From the family’s perspective, they may be heartbroken at the condition of the patient and distraught because of the pain the latter is in. If the family or family member is in agreement that the suffering should end, there is no reason euthanasia shouldn’t be allowed. That is, of course, if the patient is in agreement.

From the patient’s perspective

If the person suffering from the terminal illness is not in a position to concede to the euthanasia, then the decision should be left up to the family. However, if the person is in a position to request it, there is nothing inhumane about carrying that request out. No one can give a better verdict than the person him or herself, because no one else can relate to the pain that person is going through better than them. Many patients who call for euthanasia do so because they don’t see any more quality of life left in lying in a hospital bed relying on drugs and machines to stay alive.

Reconciling ethics and euthanasia

If all parties involved agree, what ethical dilemma could there still possibly be to carrying out euthanasia on the patient? Since we have looked at it from both perspectives, then we must conclude that it is perfectly ethical and in fact should be done to end the person’s suffering—as well as the suffering of the family who must see their loved one in severe pain.

If we look at the perspective of the family as well as that of the patient, we must ask ourselves what other ethical viewpoint there is. Some may speculate that euthanasia is against their religious beliefs, but then how does that fit into the fact that modern medical science is the only thing keeping the patient alive? Euthanasia is in fact humane and should be legalized everywhere.

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