How To Win A School Essay Competition: The Failsafe Strategy

You may believe you are very good writer, and a way to find out is to enter a school essay competition. This put you up against some of the very best and the competition can pay some sizable dividends. You are not entering this in order to get in second place. You want to win and there are some ways you can get yourself closer to the gold-medal.

  • Pick Your Competition Carefully. You should enter yourself in a contest where you have a good chance of doing well. This might be a subject related contest, such as biology or history. It might also be a theme oriented affair where you are given a topic to write on. Whatever it may be it is to your best advantage to be selective Pick an Interesting Topic. This assumes that you are allowed that leeway in the contest rules. You do not want to warn the judges and your choice of topic needs to be something that will interest readers.
  • Follow The Rules Strictly. It can be very frustrating sometimes an essay is thrown out of competition because one or two of the rules were not followed. No matter how good a writer you happen to be, if you don’t follow the rules you be can be disqualified.
  • Use Good Words. You should have an essay with a sentences that flow very nicely. This helps the reader enjoy the work and it can score points in the competition for you. Please do not try to appear wise by selecting highly technical words. You do not want to be boring.
  • Double Check the Final Draft. You have to follow the rules of grammar in any writing contest. By all means proofread and edit the work that you have completed. If it is a timed contest, make sure you have at least 10 minutes at the end to go over the work one more time.

The prize is the ultimate goal but there are some other benefits. You will have to write an essay in order to get admitted to a top ranking college. These little competitions help develop your skills in writing composition. You may find out that you’re a very good writer and this could be a career path you would like to follow. In any event this is very good practice for you. Writing is becoming increasingly more important in the business. Too many people simply do not know how to compose good content. Testing yourself against others helps you create a style of writing that will be a winner for you.

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