A List Of Brand New Essay Topics For The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby in 1925. He wrote it about some of the events that he experiences in his early life. It is about a young man who falls in love with a women and how he went to great lengths to make her notice him. He spends a large portion of his life trying to impress her and she has no idea that it is going on.

Finding an interesting topic is the best way to write a successful essay. You can analyze many different topics from the book.

  1. How does Fitzgerald portray the “American Dream” in the book?
  2. What roles do symbolism play in explaining emotions?
  3. Why is Nick Carraway so determined to get away from the people from West Egg?
  4. What is the significance of the green light?
  5. How was Nick Carraway’s character developed to help portray the story?
  6. How are the social classes portrayed in the novel?
  7. Why did Gatsby go through all the trouble of the extravagant parties?
  8. Which character was the most developed character in the novel?
  9. What does the entangled lives of the characters say about the author?
  10. Does Nick tell a good representation of the facts?
  11. How does the novel relate to Fitzgerald’s real life?

You should make sure to use specific samples from the book to support your claims. When writing this type of paper examples are very important. You have to explain to your reader that you can support your claims. You are analyzing the book and not just summarizing it. You are looking into why the author chose different aspects and expressing your view to your audience on these matters.

After you have chosen a good topic, you should start brainstorming some ideas for your thesis statement. It will answer your topic question. You should also find at least three different reasons to support your answer. This will help you develop the body of your paper.

You can use a five paragraph format for this type of paper. Start out with an introduction that gives some background information on the plot as well as the author if needed. The thesis statement should end the introduction and transition to the body of the paper where you prove your thesis. Finish off with a solid conclusion that restates the thesis and main points for an overall complete paper.

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