A Guide To Writing An Informative Essay On Unemployment

Writing essays is very important technique, and it will improve both the knowledge of the student and his self confidence. The outcome of the essay will show how skillful the pupil is among his classmates, and this matters a lot for a teenager.

Based on that, the more realistic and factual your composition is, the better. A topic like “unemployment” for an informative essay is a very notable theme, since you can involve real statistics and surveys which that will make the composition really stand out. Unemployment touches a broad sector of the community including the unemployed himself and it can extend to his family, friends and surrenders.

  • Try to understand how the unemployment can affect the community and how it can have a bad impact on the society, up to the country itself. We must realize that unemployment does not mean that “ This person does not work” but it can mean that “ he works intermittently and/or without any benefit “ which can be called “ Masked unemployment “.
  • How many people without work live in your country? Your classmates probably think that the number is pretty low, but they are about to be shocked. In many regions there are so many people without work, that most of the families have no stable income. Discuss about this in the body of the essay and try to encourage your colleagues to participate and share their ideas.
  • Find out why people don’t have work and mention this in your text. It is simple to say that “nobody is hiring” but things are more complicated than this. In many cities there are so many illegal workers, that regular citizens have no chance of getting hired. This is because the employer will have to give to a legal worker a bigger salary and benefits.
  • Be honest. If you know someone who does not work for a while, maybe one of your parents, state this in your text. There is no shame for this, since none of you can change this.
  • Write a nice conclusion. This topic is not pleasant so don’t try to make the conclusion too cheerful. Instead, you can summarize what you wrote until now and what is your personal opinion about this. Remember that being honest and objective in your compositions is always a good thing.

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