What Are The Main Principles Of Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay On Literature

A compare and contrast essay is a great way of analysing various aspects relating to literature. The following provides some details of the main principles involved when writing such an essay for this subject.

Establishing a topic for your essay

Before you can start a compare and contrast style of academic paper you need to establish what topic you wish to write about. For example, you may wish to write about authors during a particular era or genre.

Deciding what aspect of literature you want to compare and contrast

Once you’ve decided the general topic of your paper you will then need to narrow down what aspects of that topic you wish to compare and contrast. For example, you may wish to compare two different authors or, alternatively, you may wish to compare different books, poems or other pieces of literature.

In fact, there are numerous different aspects of literature that you can compare and contrast, thus making this style of academic paper so appropriate when writing on the overall topic of literature.

Highlighting any relevant details you want to include in your essay

Once you have narrowed down the aspects of the topic that you wish to compare and contrast you should have a good idea of what title you will use for your essay. At this point you will then need to start highlighting any relevant details that you can use, both in terms of what you want compare, as well as what you want to contrast.

For example, if there any similar styles that you wish to mention then make a note of these, or if there any contrasting ways in which the two aspects of literature have been written then note these down as well. Once you have made your notes you will be ready to start writing the work.

Structuring your work

You will need to begin your paper with an introduction that essentially outlines what aspects of literature you have decided to compare and contrast, as well as perhaps giving a brief overview of what to expect in the main body. Then, in the main body section of the work, you will be able to use the notes that you took relating to the various details that you want to compare and contrast. For the conclusion, you may wish to indicate how similar or different you discovered the two aspects were as part of your research.

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