5 Tips To Help You Compose Outstanding Descriptive Essays (with Examples)

Descriptive essay is a kind of essay that creates a vivid imagination in the reader’s mind using five senses. It should be explained very clearly so that the reader could feel and experience your words.

Now when you know the definition, your essay should depict the complete picture of the definition. Nothing should go beyond the definition. In addition, your essay must cover all the grounds of your definition. The focus of your writing is to involve the reader in such a way that he or she could get the feeling. He or she should be able to smell, see or feel the sensation. If you are trying to convey that, your theme revolves around some ugly or scary thing, then you should write your thesis statement in such a way that the reader could feel that your essay is explaining something scary or ugly Moreover, five easy and outstanding tips of composing a descriptive essay are given below

  1. Use a common day example
  2. Collect information before writing on a specific topic
  3. Compose a thesis statement
  4. Create a rough draft
  5. Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes

Use a common day example

Using a common day example would be very helpful, as you get much to write. Use the common sentences as the dark night was covering the whole atmosphere or the jackals were howling late at midnight, it makes it more genuine.

Collect information before writing on a specific topic

It is very necessary to collect the relevant information before you write on a topic. You should conduct a search before writing.

Compose a thesis statement

Thesis statement is your center of attention. Do not get panic about your thesis statement, as you could change or amend it, whenever you want.

Create a rough draft

Everyone needs to draw a rough sketch of his writing. Therefore, that he could polish it later and should eliminate the unnecessary things.

Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes

Your writing should not only be free from grammatical or spelling errors, but also be written in a formal way. You should choose a simple writing style. It should not contain any contractions, as they are not considered formal in many countries. Such software is available in markets that help in correcting spellings or grammatical mistakes. All you need to do is to paste your writing in the software and it will underline your mistakes and automatically do the corrections, where needed.

Learn From Experts

When you want further in-depth knowledge on how to write an essay, you can work with others with more experience. You can choose to get insight from colleagues with good writing skills, your instructor when reviewing guidelines, and even expert academic writers that produce essays from scratch on a regular basis.

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